1 CTi-OEM Application to Protocol Compliance

How the CTi-OEM application can help researchers and sites to adhere to the clinical trial protocol.

2 CTi-OEM Data Entry Performance

The application of CTi-OEM analytics to ensure clinical data entry is on track.

3 CTi OEM Application to Data Quality

Poor data quality can delay or even invalidate a clinical trial. This video demonstrates how CTi-OEM can help detect data quality issues.

4 CTi OEM Application to Patient Enrollment

How the CTi-OEM can help a clinical trial team monitor patient numbers enrolled and avoid a patient shortfall in a clinical trial.

5 CTi OEM Application to Patient Safety

Using CTi-OEM as a tool to monitor and protect the safety of patients in a clinical trials.

6 CTi OEM Patient Assessment

CTi-OEM analytics in monitoring patient screening and baseline assessment failure rates of a clinical trial.

7 CTi OEM Study Performance Dashboard

The use of study performance dashboards in CTi-OEM to support clinical project managers and study leads.

8 CTi OEM Data Management Dashboard

How the data management dashboard in CTi-OEM supports the role of a clinical data manager.

9 CTi OEM Site Monitoring Dashboard

The application of the CTi Site Monitoring Dashboard to Central and Field based site facing teams.

10 CTi OEM Summary

A summary of the various CTi-OEM analytics and their application to clinical trials