CTi-OEM App delivers insights into operational performance of 3 Late Phase Clinical Trials

After integrating data from various trials available from the EMA, Clintex are pleased to announce that the CTI-OEM app has delivered a number of valuable operational insights into 3 Late Phase clinical trials.

Initial testing of the analytics supporting the CTi_OEM module confirmed strong correlation between a number of Key Performance Indicators in clinical trials such as Early Withdrawal Rates of Patients, Data Query Rates and Time to Data Entry. Compliance to study medication also show interesting correlations to Patient Safety Indicators that could prove valuable to CTi_PDA predictive algorithms.

These correlations will be further refined over the coming months, and will form a sound basis for onboarding of live clinical data planned for Q1-2021. . Further development of the CTi Platform continues with the ongoing development of CTi_OEM app, later feeding into CTi_PDA development later in 2021.