Clintex Reflection on Covid-19 Vaccine Development & Update on CTi Development

The ClinTex vision of “New Medicine: Faster, Cheaper, Smarter” has been proven possible with the current pace and quality of Covid-19 vaccine development. The tremendous challenge of COVID-19 has been met with extraordinary effort, by the pharmaceutical industry.

This response has been global in scale and spans discovery, development, and commercialisation, and is driven by a desire for data collaboration.

It has resulted in fast-tracking clinical trials and regulatory processes, which have achieved in less than 12 months what conventionally takes more than ten years, in the case of vaccines. Shared ambition and aligned incentives have enabled health systems and the life sciences industry to work collaboratively in developing vaccines that will bring the pandemic to an end. The urgency in finding vaccines and therapeutics, and the scale of the impact of COVID-19 have made governments and pharma less risk-averse in their decisions and has led to a paradigm shift in their relationship, offering the opportunity for permanent and beneficial change in the long term.

ClinTex believe their CTi platform will enable and enhance this data collaboration for all new medicines development, not just for vaccine clinical trials, but for clinical trials in the top killer diseases like cancer, where effective treatments nor cures do not yet exist. Thedevelopment of the first CTi application (CTi-OEM) is on track for MVP launch end-June/July. This application provides intuitive operational oversight of clinical trials for clinical project managers, clinical data managers and remote staff, allowing instream decision-making on what actions are required to ensure an efficient clinical trial.