ClinTex CLI Smart Contracts Pass Security Audit with Distinction

ClinTex is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the third-party audit of our CLI token smart contracts. These are the contracts that govern the issuance and redemption of the CLI token, define the maximum supply of tokens, and include protocols for the vesting schedule.

The smart contract audit was carried out by Beosin, a global leader in blockchain security. Headquartered in Chengdu, it is the first company in China to apply formal verification technology to the blockchain security field. Beosin has performed security audits for the likes of Huobi, OKEx, ONT, and Wanchain, and has received strategic equity investments from venture capital firms including Fenbushi Capital, Milestone Capital, and Vangoo Capital. Beosin’s team has also provided services for security-critical systems in aerospace, military, and other fields.

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“Having completed our rigorous auditing process, we can confirm that ClinTex’s CLI smart contracts meet the highest industry standards for security and operability. It was a pleasure to work with such a focused and dedicated team. We look forward to supporting ClinTex’ security needs as their technology disrupts and refines the medicines development industry.” — Xia Yang, CEO, Beosin.

ClinTex will continue to work with Beosin as we develop and rollout the applications that form our Clinical Trials Intelligence eco-system. Beosin will be providing security audits for all smart contracts developed by ClinTex.

Both the smart contracts and the complete audit report from Beosin are available for review on the ClinTex GitHub at: