CTi can now be ported to Binance Smart Chain for trading on Pancake Swap Decentralised Exchange!

This will allow CTi token holders to take advantage of lower transaction (gas) fees on Binance Smart Chain while the Ethereum network is congested. This is made possible through the ClinTex Binance Smart Chain Bridge, which allows users to move their CTi between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
You can purchase Ethereum ERC20 CTi for trading or staking and earning rewards on KuCoin here. You can purchase Binance Smart Chain BEP20 CTi for trading on PancakeSwap with BNB here. (ClinTex will soon launch CTi staking on BSC too).
To port CTi between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, you can access the ClinTex Bridge through the button below. Full user guide on the Clintex Medium Page here.